Wellness Studio

Introducing our Wellness Studio

The Brunswick Baths Wellness Studio is a boutique space dedicated to our suite of Wellness programs. This includes a variety of yoga including Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa, as well as the non-physical elements of Meditation and Mindfulness practices.

On the fourth Friday of every month, a Mynd Wellness™ Full Moon Meditation will be held. The session invites participants to take time out of their busy schedule to just 'be', so they can leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after being guided through a 45 minute meditation.

Our Wellness Studio includes an array of high quality programs, with regular updates to ensure the programs are kept fresh, vibrant and innovative. The sessions are designed to specifically meet your needs and the needs of all participants, with evidence based benefits including improvements in stress, depression, anxiety, obesity, happiness and energy levels. 

Our Wellness Studio Offering


A slow style yoga session with a focus on strength, flexibility and core work


A short meditation session to help relax the body and calm the mind


An energetic flow style yoga session to improve strength and flexibility


A slow 'rest and release' yoga session to help relax mind and body. Yin yoga focuses on holding gentle poses to release tension in the body.

Mynd Wellness™ Full Moon Meditation

Full Moon Meditation is held on the fourth Friday of every month in the Wellness Studio. It is a 45 minute guided meditation session that invites participants to take time out of their busy schedule to just 'be', so they can leave feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Mats and chairs are provided, however please dress in warm and comfortable attire and bring your own blanket.

Wellness Studio Timetable




Start time


(60 mins)

Wellness Studio/Creche 1.45 pm
Wednesday Yin
(60 mins)
Wellness Studio/Creche 7.30 pm 
Thursday Vinyasa
(60 mins)
Wellness Studio/Creche 5.30 pm
The fourth Friday of every month Monthly Full Moon Meditation
(45 mins)
Wellness Studio/Creche 7 pm




Non Member

1 x class pass



10 x class pass



Mynd Wellness™
Monthly Full Moon Meditation




Cancellation policy

If you cancel 12 hours or more prior to the commencement of a session, you will recieve a credit to another session within the next 7 days. If you cancel less than 12 hours before a session, you forfeit your place.

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